Name: Matthijs Aukema
D.O.B: 07/11/2000
City of Residence: Rotterdam

Genre: Hard Techno
Releases: Thalassophobia, Exterminate, Real Lies, Mercenary, Incantation EP

Fun fact: Studies Water Management and collects patches of flags from every country he performs at.

Rotterdam’s rapidly rising APHØTIC is one of the new generation’s Hard Techno stars that has a riveting blend of melodic progressions, vocals, hard kicks and bass. With great dedication and assertion, APHØTIC has imprinted his sound in the minds and walls of BASIS.

The perfect match made with integrity and drive, APHØTIC represents a new generation of music lovers and will never cease to make us all dance. Desiring to grow a community to belong in himself, APHØTIC has joined the BASIS residency programme to connect with like-minded tighter knit ravers on the dancefloor. 

Particularly loving the 360-booth set up and size of the club, he believes this is the perfect recipe to connect and engage with other dancers. Through his residency, APHØTIC aims to build a family in BASIS and is honoured to be able to share his passion with a new home in Utrecht.