MCR-T: King of Ghetto-tech, Humour and Horny Club Bangers

Written by Maithai de Rijk

Friday 5th January welcomes a range of playful, rhythmic and funky energy with Basil Smash (Genex & Alec Dienaar), Hyper Octane, mul/ANNA and debuting artist MCR-T. 

MCR-T (real name Julian McCarthy) or also known by his alias MCNZI is a German-Jamaican-American DJ and producer, and occasional MC’er. He stands behind Berlin underground rap and socio-critical music projects. 

Source: Playful Mag

Starting his earlier years with classical music, McCarthy has played the piano since the age of 8-9 years old for over a decade. He explains “ I was always a noisy kid, I liked making noise through pressing random keys on my keyboard”, he scoffs and adds “ My dad always asked why not read music sheets and play real notes!”. With his known fiery attitude he says “I’m playing by ear!”. Shortly after began his first piano lessons, which has helped his career path be routed to producing. 

From cheeky vibrant tracks to tongue in cheek, sexy, MCR-T is one of the upcoming artists in the revival of the ghetto-tech sound. The range from 80’s basslines, heavy trap, traplastic beats, catchy vocals and an “anti-establishment” attitude best represents his identity. In the end music that deems to be the happier side of the ‘techno’ spectrum and with sexual humour and authentic stories. The bookers of Berghain respond to MCR-T’s music as  “Berlin’s answer to Miami Bass”. Released in 2023, and trending on TikTok became MCR-T & horsegiirL’s track My Barn My Rules. Familiar across trending videos and audios, the duo’s collaboration skyrocketed leading them to drive their careers even more.

Source: Numero 

As McCarthy believes the industry has the wrong priorities, and claims that people are too sensitive he clarifies “It’s hard for me to talk about the scene on the record, most of the time I’m pissed off”. He continues with “But I’m not here to be pissed off, I’m here to make music.Besides his little sister Catlaine (, he frequently features with Partiboi69, Miss Bashful and DJ Gigola on the label Live From Earth. 

MCR-T’s musical essence is bold, expressive. MCR-T and Miss Bashful have created many hit songs, to which they both describe the contents as “Humor makes up 95 percent of our music”. With sexual humour coming back to the dancefloor, MCR-T does not shy away from producing tracks alike, ie. horny club bangers. 

Source: Electronic beats

MCR-T describes his music experience as “I feel like that really translates well. To not really take anything too seriously. Having fun. Laughable lyrics. Lyrics that have you saying: ‘What the fuck?’ Or tracks that have you ‘Wait, what the fuck am I listening to? Is that a fucking sex tape right now?” He continues to involve himself musically across an array of creative projects that knows no bounds. 

We look forward to the high energy and fast pace of MCR-T. Adding to the uplifting energy, from the Hague, mul/ANNA brings her own playful rendition of ghetto tech, electro and ghetto house. Closing the night, welcoming back Genex but as a duo debut as Basil Smash with Alec Dienaar, dropping techno hits for the grand finale. 

If you’re looking to hear some MCR-T productions live or his prowing dancefloor legacy, make sure not to miss him at BASIS on 5th January.