BASIS January 2024 Programme

We proudly present our January 2024 programme,

Welcome to a new year and a significant milestone at BASIS – our 9th anniversary. As we embark on 2024, our January lineup is crafted to reflect the depth and evolution of the techno scene, serious, playful, and diverse.

We begin with a distinctive blend of ghettotech and electro, showcasing MCR-T’s BASIS debut. His approach, a nod to 80’s influences, promises a fresh yet familiar energy. The night culminates with Basil Smash, a collaboration between Genex and Alec Dienaar, delivering an engaging night.

This month also marks the return of the Sacred Court night, a favourite of the club, with cutting-edge industrial techno. Curated by SNTS, the lineup blends renowned and emerging talents, offering an immersive dark journey.

Mid-January brings a highlight with Vera Grace taking over the decks for her very first all-nighter. Her set, a mix of dark, groovy and industrial techno, is a reflection of her artistic growth and BASIS’s role in fostering talent as she played her first ever club gig with us.

As the weeks progress, our program showcases a diverse range of styles. From the trance-infused sets of Baugruppe90 and UFO95 to the abrasive techno of Stan Christ, each event provides different but none-the-less energetic nights. 

Rave Alert’s return adds an edgy youthful dimension to our January offerings. Featuring live drumming and harder performances. 

Towards the month’s end, a special all-women’s techno night features special B2Bs with artists like Daria Kolosova and Grace Dahl, blending and experimenting various styles next to their classic hard groove, techno for a night of non-stop energy and dance. 

Our 9th anniversary is celebrated with a classic 13-hour rave, a reflection of our journey and the community we’ve built. This event features a lineup of artists who have become synonymous with BASIS’s distinctive sound and spirit, like Stef Mendesidis, Ghost in the Machine, Regis, Wallis and many more. 

Join us as we celebrate nine years of remarkable music and community. BASIS continues to be a space where the past and future of music collide, creating unforgettable memories. We look forward to sharing these moments with you for the next 9 years.

See you on the dancefloor.

Love, BASIS.