BASIS November 2023 Programme

We proudly present our programme for November,

With full force, our new club set-up and programme presents an inquisitive journey across electronic music genres with an intimate experience.

After her delightful Smeerboel closing set and captivating debut last year, we’re thrilled to welcome back ØTTA. This time for an all-night session, expect a promising 7 hours of high energy, raw solid basslines, groove and a trance-rave musical journey. If you’re keen to discover rapidly growing talent, don’t miss an evening featuring BASIS newcomers like Teletech’s Kander, Berlin’s Lyric, and Dutch techno artists Neutron and NYCO. Join us to give a warm welcome to their debuts!

In collaboration with Le Guess Who, we look forward to the return of Rotterdam based collective AMPFEMININE. Pushing for more female and non-binary artists on line ups, get ready for funk, dubby, afro-inspired and playful techno presented by Camgurl, Coffintexts, DIORA, Nala Brown, Soft Break and Tayhana.

Fans of harder techno, mark your calendars. The new booth will be set ablaze with hardcore-influenced Cancel and industrial DJ SLVL. Balancing the spectrum, two Dutch rising artists Amara brings his melodic yet powerful set, followed by Rotterdam’s one and only APHØTIC.

A special highlight of the month is the final performance of SHDW & Obscure Shape as a duo. They are parting ways to explore solo careers but not before delivering one last “salute” at BASIS with an extended set. After many memorable nights with us, including an all-nighter, this bitter sweet send-off will be joined by hypnotic grooves from Sandrien and MADNAV. 

As the month winds down, the focus turns to minimalism: Delano Legito’s storytelling set and a mind-altering four-hour performance by the legendary DVS1. Then ending our month, for the first time, Groningen collective Kopjek brings their unique sound to our basement during their club tour with Malugi, Benwal, Eva Vrijdag and Rozie!

Don’t miss out on this special month of musical diversity.

See you on the dance floor.