Join us as we elevate BASIS to new heights, quite literally, as we step out from beneath the streets of Utrecht into the open air. We’re swapping our underground concrete floor for the concrete dancefloor at Beton-T, marking a special occasion with an incredible lineup of artists who have each left their mark on BASIS.

Experience the essence of BASIS with our amazing line-up including our talented BASIS residents, returning artists who set our basement on fire before and some new faces who will become a part of the BASIS Family! These inspiring artists all embody the BASIS identity and will make sure you will be dancing all day long !

Ticket sale starts tomorrow at 12:00 sharp! After seeing this fire line-up filled with amazing artists, you must set your alarm to secure your BASIS Outdoor ticket!

About Beton-T, you might know it for its smaller events. And after looking at the line-up, you probably know that these artists have the talent to bring the heat! That requires a big event with a matching Soundsystem, without the usual sound and capacity limits of Beton-T. That is why we are granted a special permit to host this big event. So, we make sure we are able to give you the true BASIS experience!

See you on the Concrete!