BASIS PODCAST 011: Crystal Geometry

BASIS Podcast 011: @crystal_geometry

Drawing from Post-Punk, Black Metal, and Industrial, French producer and live artist, Maxime Fabre, has risen to acclaim under the Crystal Geometry alias, returning to his roots in the warehouse rave scene of the’90s and industrial music, fusing Belgian EBM influences with post-modern, modular-engineered Techno. 

At its core, the project is built around an evolving analog modular synth, accommodated by haunting live vocals and abrasive distortion. Fabre’s live performances transpire into an all-out assault on the body, marching through dystopian territories, manipulating sounds into menacing frequencies. Equally punishing extended hybrid and DJ sets have given further scope and context to the alias, building weight throughout the global circuit of clubs, warehouses, and spaces. 

Enjoy Crystal Geometry’s BASIS Podcast.