BASIS Talent Night: Discover Tomorrow’s Talent Today

BASIS Talent Night: Discover Tomorrow's Talent Today

At BASIS, we are dedicated to nurturing new talent and giving them a platform to shine. Our BASIS Talent Nights are the perfect opportunity for up-and-coming artists to practice their DJ sets and showcase their skills. We are always excited to see the diverse range of genres our applicants bring to the table, from house to techno to garage, and everything in between. The element of surprise is something we cherish, and we know you do too!

Join us at BASIS Talent Nights and immerse yourself in fresh styles and new talent. You might just be among the first to discover the next big artist in the electronic music scene, or perhaps find a new personal favorite to add to your playlist.

We believe in making these nights accessible, which is why tickets for BASIS Talent Nights are priced lower than our regular club nights. This way, you can enjoy more music, discover more artists, and have more fun, all without breaking the bank.

Each Talent Night has a unique vibe, offering a general style that guides the evening’s musical journey. Make sure to read the event descriptions to learn more about the featured artists and the genres they will be playing.

Come and experience the magic of new music and emerging talent at BASIS Talent Nights. Who knows? You might witness the rise of the next big name in the electronic music world, or simply enjoy a night of great beats and new discoveries. See you on the dance floor!



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