BASIS x PAX-ROMANA: After Pride 2024

After the euphoria of Pride in Utrecht, we’re continuing the celebration and embracing our identities like never before. Join us for PAX-ROMANA: After Pride, where we’re turning up the heat and unleashing our wildest selves.
Let’s embrace that our identities are not to be hidden but celebrated with pride and passion. But amidst the ecstasy, let’s not forget the journey that brought us here. Let’s honor the struggles and triumphs that have shaped us, fueling our defiance against normativity. This isn’t just a party—it’s a protest, a celebration of resilience and authenticity. 🌈
Be extraordinary, creative, sexified, kinky, unusual, or insane, but most of all, express your identity.
A way to protest, to unite, to celebrate, and to express our identities