Dancing around the booth with BCCO

Written by Maithai de Rijk

As we near our ninth year as a cornerstone in Utrecht’s nightlife, we are thrilled to unveil a momentous transformative change. 

Beginning on the 27th of October, we’re not just revamping the look of BASIS; we’re reimagining the very core of our club, the dance floor. We will debut our newly-designed, 360-dance-floor-level DJ booth — a shift intended to enrich the true recognisable elements that make electronic music and nightlife so compelling: community and intimacy. To celebrate this landmark moment, we are honored to host the esteemed Berlin collective BCCO for their first Utrecht showcase.

Community: The Pulse of Nightlife

A sense of community isn’t just a pleasant add-on; it’s the heartbeat of the electronic music scene. It’s a symbiotic relationship born from shared experiences that only the dance floor can provide. It is a co-authored narrative, from artists and dancers. When the music moves us, we’re not just a crowd; we’re a collective, writing a story in real-time. It is built on the bass, rhythms, and kinetic energy of dancing, that transforms a good night into a magical experience. The new booth isn’t just a place for the DJ to stand; we believe it to be a nexus for heightened interaction, deeper emotional connections, and a celebration of music. BASIS consistently aims to (re)connect sound and people – in a constant search of learning and improving, this plan has been in the making through listening and learning from our community.

A New Era of Intimacy and Inclusion

Our architectural shift is a testament to our belief that the design of a space influences the quality of the interactions within it. The new booth, positioned right at dance-floor level, removes the pre-existent barriers between the DJ and the audience. There is no hierarchy or superiority of who deserves to stand behind the DJ – these constructs are removed to further build our bonds on the dancefloor. The environment will focus on the direct and immediate dynamic energy exchange, enhancing everyone’s connection to the music and to each other.

The Perfect Union: BASIS x BCCO

We could think of no better way to inaugurate this new era than by joining forces with BCCO, a collective based in Berlin’s vibrant culture and representing varied faces. BCCO aligns perfectly with our values and our desire to create an intimate, community-focused experience. Expect futuristic elements blended with old-school nostalgia: a night of percussive, trippy, and groovy tunes that will have you dancing in unadulterated bliss.

This collaboration promises an eclectic and raw soundscape, replete with intuitive, captivating musical storytelling where you, as dancers, will be part of the narration more than ever – embodying the very essence of what BASIS aims to be: a sanctuary for true electronic music aficionados who value the rich, shared experiences.

Discover the transformation

This October 27th, be part of a watershed moment in BASIS’s history. It’s more than just a change of scenery; it’s a change of ethos. Come, feel the rebellion, the freedom, and the community that BASIS, in collaboration with BCCO, has passionately curated for you. Artists this Friday include: Beste Hira, future.666, Phil Berg and Yanamaste.

Don’t miss out—join us for a night that promises to redefine how you experience music at BASIS.