December 2022 Programme

We proudly present our programme for December,

It’s the end of the year, we are feeling festive and in the giving spirit of the holiday season. We’re grateful for all the support, feedback, love and memories we’ve made together this year. Be sure to follow our social media pages @clubbasis to keep your eyes out for special surprises we have planned!

We have only five weekends left to dance into the new year of 2023. Starting off strong with two all nighters in the first weekend, Talismann and SPFDJ’s first ever all nighter. The weeks after presents a diverse set of artists with ranges of genre from Cynthia Spiering’s gabber set to Mees Salome and Olivier Weiter’s playful, upbeat grooves to Rødhåd’s timeless looptechno.

The 23rd and 30th’s line ups are to be announced.

Randomer will be making us dance on New Years, with the rest of the artists which are soon to be announced as well.

Let’s make the last month of 2022, a month to remember.

We hope to see you on the dance floor this month, if not, see you next year!