We do everything we can to make BASIS as attractive and safe as possible for everyone. Instructions from the staff are aimed at this and should be followed at all times.

We also ask for your cooperation in order to create, together with us, a nightlife that is as relaxed as possible. We expect our visitors to have an open, positive and tolerant attitude towards other visitors, regardless of their origin, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion, musical preference and age.

BASIS is a club intended for the true music lover. Make sure you inform yourself about our programming. Not knowing the evening’s programming can be a reason to be denied entry.

BASIS is not about seeing and being seen, but about the music and being able to let go without being judged. Make sure you dress accordingly. People who are too formally dressed do not fit in and can be refused. At the same time, large groups, possibly disturbing the atmosphere, can be refused access.

Visitors must be at least 18 years old, at the door you will be asked for your identification. If you do not have these with you, you will not be allowed inside. Visitors who are visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs will always be refused entry.

We do not hand out stamps, after departure return on the same ticket is not possible.

Possession of weapons and drugs is not allowed. In case of violation these will be confiscated, refusal and/or expulsion will follow and the police will be informed at all times.

By entering BASIS, you agree with the possibility of visiting (searching). If you refuse this, you may be denied entry.

It is not allowed to bring your own drinks and/or food.

Toilet rooms are for individual use only, the use of the washbasins/faucets is only for washing your hands. BASIS has unisex toilets.

At BASIS the national rules regarding alcohol policy and smoking ban apply. In case of violation, expulsion follows and a possible fine will be recovered from the offender.

In case of repeated violation of the house rules, expulsion takes place without refund of the entrance fee.

BASIS is not responsible for loss or theft of property stored in a rented safe. You are responsible for the proper locking of your safe.

BASIS guards your and our security by means of video cameras. By entering BASIS you agree that we make and keep recordings. If necessary, these recordings can be handed over to the police.

BASIS is a member of “Panel Deurbeleid”. If you are refused or expelled and you feel this is not in accordance with our house rules, you can submit a complaint to the Panel at or by calling 0619498448.

Upon entry, the flash will be taped off the phone. It is allowed to take photos/video’s in BASIS without flash, but to enhance the atmosphere in the club we prefer to see as few phones on the dance floor as possible. We advise our guests to put the phones in a safe and enjoy the moment to the fullest. Removing the sticker results in expulsion.

Glow sticks, finger lights and or other conspicuous luminous attributes are not allowed. These are confiscated.

Free and safe going out is our top priority. Should a visitor harass you in any way, please report this immediately to security or staff.