Cynthia Spiering: The Rotterdam star with secret tracks up her sleeve.

Written by Maithai de Rijk

Unique Curation Approach: Exploring Variety in Techno

Cynthia Spiering is set to break the mould with her upcoming curation event at BASIS by moving away from the current monotonous trends in the scene. She explains, “I wanted to do something else cause lots of times events are particularly with the same ‘sound’.” 

Cynthia’s vision is clear: to introduce a lineup that’s rich in variety, encouraging newcomers to discover the depth of techno. “For me, it was important to build up the music till the end, with different genres but fitting,” she adds, highlighting her strategic approach to the night’s musical journey.

Artist Highlights and Personal Connections: Unveiling the Lineup

This lineup is close to Cynthia’s heart, featuring artists who have inspired her and with whom she shares personal bonds. She explains her years before COVID, having still attended parties such as Unpolished. Describing Manu le Malin’s set, she recalls, “It was blowing my mind.” Emphasising the profound impact of his performance and as an artist, they met in France when they were on the same line up, Cynthia continues to describe “He’s not only a mastermind behind the decks but also a very sweet guy.”  Her choice of TEKNA is rooted in admiration: “I’ve heard him playing for the first time at de Reünie… and loved his energy so much!” And on a more personal note, she includes MARREK, her boyfriend, in the lineup, sharing her pride in his musical evolution in DJ’ing and production: “I gave him last year a MOOG subsequent 25 because he can play piano and loves dreamy patches’.  MARREK will be opening the night once more like he did for Cynthia’s All Night Long, as she shares “he did amazing” and confidently believes he will open the night fittingly. 

The Vinyl Set Experience: A Nostalgic and Dynamic Journey

Cynthia’s return to vinyl is a highlight of the event. “I am excited to do a vinyl set after many years,” she states, revealing her enthusiasm. Reflecting on her beginnings, she says, “.. almost 10 years ago, I started actually with vinyl and cd’s… That’s how I’ve learnt to do the whole beat matching thing, no Rekordbox.”  Her vinyl set is not just a performance; it’s a showcase of her foundational DJ skills and her passion for a more tactile and organic form of music delivery.

When asked why she hasn’t done many vinyl sets in clubs she responds with “The sad side is lots of times technics are not installed well; bad needles, no stabilisers (and no time to soundcheck because of other shows) or people hanging in the booth so the needle jumping, or the DJ before you decide to play a 180 bpm set when you prepared something totally different.” Regardless, she makes up for this through playing with 4 decks and doing live performances. But deep down, she admits “Playing on vinyl is still one of the nicest things for me to do.

For the upcoming Friday, Cynthia plans on playing “hard groove but happy vibes with special ending ;)”. Commonly otherwise a sound only played by her on All Night Longs.

Beyond Hard Techno: Understanding Cynthia’s Musical Spectrum

Addressing her musical range, Cynthia says, “It’s still hard to say after so many years what my sound is, but… it’s 909 drums, snares, groove, and lots of joy and happy sounds.” She challenges the notion that she’s only about hard techno or gabber. Cynthia’s repertoire is a complex array of sounds and emotions, reflecting her deep understanding and love for the entire spectrum of techno music.

She doesn’t shy away from her love of gabber regardless and explains “Lots of gabber music is made by hardware and not with pre-made sample packs. I just love when the drums are a bit off and not on the grid so it’s giving you more movement and the willing to dance” She continues to share her sentiment on the second notion of ‘hard techno’:  “Lots of (hard)techno related music sounds the same nowadays because everyone is using the same sample packs and watching the same tutorials which is sad because it’s less creative from my opinion. The brighter side is that there are a lot of amazing producers who are still blowing my mind but harder to discover.” 

Guilty Pleasures and Musical Exploration: A Glimpse Into Cynthia’s World

Cynthia’s sets are a playground for her musical explorations but most of all she loves an all night set. She enjoys the building up and the chance to play tracks she adores that may not fit a closing. “For my 10hr set at Thuishaven I had 8 USB sticks with almost 4000 tracks on it,” she shares, highlighting her dedication to delivering a unique experience. Her BASIS set is an opportunity to showcase new vinyl discoveries and her own evolving tastes, ensuring an evening full of delights.

The Cynthia Spiering Curation on Friday 2nd February at BASIS is an embodiment of her passion for music and her commitment to its diverse spectrum. From her thoughtful curation to her eagerly anticipated vinyl set, the night promises to be full of twists and turns. Cynthia’s excitement is palpable as she talks about her preparations: “For this night at BASIS I’ve bought lots of new stuff on vinyl… I can’t f**king wait!!”

Join us for this incredible night of music and discovery at BASIS on Friday, 2nd February.