BASIS Interview: Shlømo ‘If you don’t take pleasure yourself, you don’t get music.’

Shlømo, aka Shaun Baron-Carvais, aka the daddiest, is a 35-year-old French-born musical master with a wide range of capabilities. With an interest in movie music, ambient, electronica, techno and more, Shlømo is constantly in search for inspiration and discovery. 

On 10th September, one of the most praised Parisian DJ’s and producers serenaded the Smeerboel’s BASIS stage with some Big Kick Energy, and what do we say to him?

“Thank you, Daddy.”

BASIS proudly presents sneaker head, father, world-famous-and-loved DJ, producer and label owner, Shlømo.

We chatted with the legend himself before his set and here is what he had to say. Shlømo is no stranger to BASIS… What draws you to BASIS and what brings you back?

‘It’s because of the Dutch people and BASIS crowd.’ He shares his enthusiasm about the energy brought into the room. ‘It feels like home on the BASIS stage.’ 

That’s ultimately the biggest compliment BASIS can receive from a DJ. Though BASIS predominantly has events at the club, we regularly host stages at festivals. Do you prefer playing at festivals or at clubs?

‘I love both. I love the intimacy of a club and the energy of festival – both intimacy and energy can be intense. I love being able to share that experience with a lot of people.’

Shaun brought a delectable amount of energy to the Smeerboel stage, leaving the crowd satiated with thrill and bliss. What are you bringing to the dance floor for today’s set?

‘I’m going with the flow. I never prepare for my sets, except maybe the first two tracks. I find it important to share the experience the crowd. I make a proposition and the crowd answers, vice versa. I answer to the crowd back’

Rejoiced in the powerful bass, the crowd connected with Shaun’s lead. Recent trends in the scene have shown an increase of bass cravings ever since COVID, we often hear people say, “the harder, the better”. We asked Shlømo his thoughts on this.

‘I have no opinion this, I think everything is subjective. I don’t feel like techno should be a certain way. I think the new generation are looking for that 90’s rave feeling, recreating that’  

How do you approach these crowd cravings with your own sound then, and what should others do?

‘What I like now is having no boundaries. I think we need to focus more on the quality (of music).’

We couldn’t help but ask, what does quality mean?

He continues to explain that as subjective as music is, he rhetorically asks ‘How do you define musical ears?’

Shlømo’s musical ears never failed to impress us. With his boundary-pushing mindset, we think back of his Ambient and IDM days. We asked him about his musical career transition into techno and if this was still something he’s interested in.

Music is my passion and my work.’ He says with a huge gleam on his face. ‘I still do it (produce Ambient music) in my studio. I won’t share it now, but maybe later.”

Curious about this secret studio alias, we asked: Why do not you share this side of your music? 

‘Music and work need to be selfish. I will stop (his musical career) if I don’t find pleasure in it.’

But for the IDM lovers, Shaun shared that he will be performing under his stage name Shlømo an IDM set in Paris at FTMA Festival on 13 October – @ftma.festival – a celebration for sound art and electroacoustic music. The festival takes place at 3537 from 11 October to 16 October.

With the great success Shlømo has had in his career, we did current and future DJs/Producers a favour and asked for his tips for upcoming artists.

‘Take pleasure. Be selfish. Do what you want, and what you like. Don’t listen to others.’ Emphasis on doing music for yourself, he continues to say ‘If you don’t take pleasure yourself, you don’t get music. Music is like therapy.’

Whether music is like therapy as it requires determination from within or because music heals – a great lesson to take away is that music should be for you, not anyone else.

With such a hectic career and weekend schedule, we wanted to know how Shlømo resumes and finds balance in his life as Shaun.

‘I have a stable life throughout the week. I wake up at 7am every day, go to the gym, take care of my family and go to bed at 9:30pm.’ He pauses and laughs, ‘You know, I’m the Daddy.’ He continues to explain ‘I also don’t drink, consume anything or go to after parties.’

Whether on stage or backstage, it is always a pleasure to have Shaun at BASIS, stage and club. We look forward to seeing him soon again.

Who would like you like us to speak to next?

BASIS proudly presents sneaker head, father, world-famous-and-loved DJ, producer and label owner, Shlømo. Interview with Shlømo.