BASIS x Vault Sessions: Building the Ultimate Techno Experience

Written by Maithai de Rijk

BASIS x Vault Sessions: Building the Ultimate Techno Experience

In the heart of the electronic music scene, a unique collaboration emerges, merging the energies of BASIS, a cornerstone in electronic music in Utrecht, with the innovative spirit of Vault Sessions, a collective known for its event series, record label, and platform dedicated to techno music. On March 9th, this partnership is set to unfold an event that promises to be a musical journey, weaving together the essences of both entities into a single, unforgettable night.

The story of Vault Sessions began on June 14, 2014, born from a previous event series and the collaborative spirit of its founders, including one who started as a resident DJ. From the moment of its inception, Vault Sessions was more than an event; it was a calling. It encapsulated a vision to create an environment that mirrored the freedom, inclusivity, and sense of belonging the founders experienced at their first rave. This ethos is deeply ingrained in every Vault Session party, where the dancefloor transforms into a vault—a safe haven where the unity of diverse souls celebrates life as equals, “A Home Away From Home”.

Bas Jenster, a pivotal figure behind Vault Sessions, shared insights into the collective’s journey and its collaboration with BASIS. His words reveal a deep-rooted passion for techno music and a commitment to creating spaces that go beyond the ordinary.

Vault Sessions has carved a niche for itself in the techno scene, both in Amsterdam and beyond. Its focus on a specific style of techno during the lockdown was a strategic choice to emerge as a beacon for quality techno events. The collective’s aim is bold yet simple: to be the go-to destination for anyone seeking the quintessential techno-party experience. This dedication to quality and uniqueness is what makes the collaboration with BASIS particularly exciting.

The choice of BASIS as the venue for this collaborative event was no coincidence. Vault Sessions added: BASIS’s commitment to techno in Utrecht has been instrumental in redefining the city’s clubbing scene. This shared dedication to promoting techno culture made BASIS the perfect partner for Vault Sessions’ first foray into Utrecht, promising an event that not only showcases a range of techno styles but also embodies the core values of both organizations.

The event will feature a lineup that mirrors the diversity and depth of techno music. From BASIS resident SHE/HER to Vault Sessions’ VSC, alongside techno veterans Abstract Division and Lars Huismann, each artist has been selected for their ability to represent the unique sound and spirit of their respective collectives. This careful curation ensures the night will offer a broad spectrum of quality techno, from loopy contemporary hypnotism to 2000’s inspired grooves.

What Vault Sessions and BASIS aim to create on March 9th goes beyond music, a special collaboration. It’s about fostering a moment of collective trance, where the connection on the dancefloor transcends the here and now. Bas compares the feeling to being locked to the dancefloor, like in a Vault. The Vault Sessions team hopes dancers will experience that unparalleled feeling of unity and presence, a moment where everything aligns in pure, ecstatic harmony.

In a world often divided, Vault Sessions sends out a message of hope and unity through techno music. It’s a call for people to come together, embrace differences, and act out of love.

Join us on the 9th of March for a manifestation of a shared vision, a celebration of techno’s ability to unite, and a reflection on the transformative experience of collective ecstasy.