Goodbye key lockers…Welcome QR-code lockers!

We’re excited to announce that we have upgraded our locker system to provide a more secure and convenient experience for our guests. From now on, BASIS will be offering new lockers that require a QR-code for access.

The new lockers are a major improvement over the previous system, which required guests to use a traditional key. With the QR-code system, all you need is your smartphone to access your locker. No more lost keys.

Here’s how it works: Once you arrive at the club, you can scan the QR-code with your phone to access it. There are several QR codes at the entrance of the club. As soon as you scan the QR code you will receive some instructions. After paying a small fee, you will receive a code, keep it safe, because you can use it to open your locker. For those experiencing problems, our staff members are always there when help is needed.

There are still some old lockers (blue), these are no longer in use. The new lockers are black and are mainly located in the second room.

Next time you’re planning a night out at BASIS, be sure to take advantage of the new QR-code lockers. Your belongings will be safe and secure, leaving you free to dance the night with no stress about losing keys.

To celebrate the new lockers, there will be an Easter special this weekend. Join the Easter hunt, starting upcoming weekend. You have a chance to find an Easter egg or some nice BASIS merchandise in your locker!