Name: Tibe Dengel
D.O.B: 12-04-1997
City of Residence: Utrecht 

Genre: Hypnotic/Driving/Deep/Compelling techno with a touch of euphoria
Releases: Maximalist_Minimalist, ARTS and upcoming track on WSNWG 

Fun Fact: When I was 9 years old, I watched a video Tiësto at Sensation White and I cried because I wanted to be like him. I got DJ lessons from a friend of my parents and learned playing vinyl with music from artists like Richie Hawtin, and the rest is history.

Utrecht’s own DJ and producer SAMA enriches the techno scene with his distinctive sound that merges dark, metallic elements with an urgent, driving groove. Adopting a maximalist approach to minimalist sounds, SAMA aims to create a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals in Utrecht.

His journey from attendee to artist at BASIS, a club with deep roots and a rich history in his hometown, marks a full-circle moment for him. Honoured to be a part of BASIS’s evolution, SAMA sees the club’s renaissance as an opportunity to deepen his connection with the community and the music.

As BASIS undergoes transformative changes, including a new booth and diverse musical programming, SAMA is poised to contribute to its legacy, dreaming of hosting all-nighters and curating events that showcase the breadth of his musical exploration.

For SAMA, BASIS is more than a club; having gotten to know the team over the past years and involving himself musically, it’s a platform for artistic expression and a home where he can share his passion for a sound that resonates with the soul of Utrecht.