Name: Kim Vereijken
D.O.B: 13/04/2001
City of Residence: ’s-Hertogenbosch

Genre: Funky/Groovy/Rolling Techno

Fun Fact: Balance anything on my head

Amid the quiet of COVID lockdowns, a vibrant force emerged from the Dutch underground rave scene, captivating audiences with her dynamic energy and evolving sound. Known as SHE/HER, she began her journey with hard kicks and vivid soundscapes, only to evolve into a unique blend of funky beats and groovy, infectious rhythms, showcasing her versatility.

For SHE/HER, music is an invitation to connect and liberate, aiming to create moments where people can truly let loose and dance. Viewing BASIS as the perfect venue for her growth, she appreciates its commitment to creative freedom and diverse lineups, allowing her to explore the multifaceted aspects of her sound and styles through experimenting in different time slots.

Excited by the potential BASIS holds for her artistic development, SHE/HER sees it as the ideal platform to deepen her exploration of music and share those transformative moments of dance and connection with everyone.