Name: Vera Grace Bos
D.O.B: 27-10-1999
City of Residence: Amsterdam

Genre: Industrial, Hypnotic, Dark, Groovy Techno
Releases: Eternal Perdition EP, Age Of The Void, Dawn Of Obscurity, Echoes In Eternity, Illusion Of Society, Manipulation EP, INFERNVM LP, Dystopia
Preparations, Deal With Them

Fun Fact: I absolutely live for stamppot with Hema rookworst and I talk to my cat Bubbel all day everyday.

Currently an Amsterdam-based DJ and Producer, Vera Grace is known for her distinctive, raw sound, characterised by industrial textures, dark and melancholic atmospheres juxtaposed by hope through tension and release. Much like herself, she keeps the dance floor moving with relentless energy on stage. 

Starting as a raver with BASIS one of her favourite clubs to playing at Talent Night in 2020 to now having played her very all nighter in January 2024, Vera Grace calls BASIS home. Vera Grace describes her all night long the most unforgettable night of her life, with only more excitement to come.

Though BASIS already feels like family to Vera Grace, she hopes to foster this connection to become even stronger. She extends her goals to connect with her co-residents in hopes of sharing their passion with one another.

Vera Grace’s musical spectrum spreads wider than just industrial techno, during her residency she hopes to share a wider variety she has discovered with more lower BPM’s and a focus on hypnotic and experimental elements.